Terre Armée in France - Expertise and experience in reinforced backfill applications and soil-structure interaction.

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GeoStrap® reinforcements, now certified by RTS for an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

2022-07-26T08:19:13+00:00July 26th, 2022|Company, Group News, News, TA|

In October 2021, the Building Information Foundation RTS approved the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our GeoStrap® reinforcement, manufactured by our subsidiary Reinforced Earth India. This document gathers information on the environmental impact of a product according to international standards. The certification covers the whole life cycle analysis for [...]

Diori and Katako interchange projects in Niger

2020-01-14T11:34:33+00:00July 4th, 2017|Group News, Project|

Terre Armée France takes part to the Diori and Katako interchange projects in Niger. In Niamey, capital of Niger, located on the Niger River in the far west of the country, as part of the Diori and Katako interchange projects, Terre Armée France provides the [...]

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