Developing road, railroad infrastructure or temporary access roads can present many challenges related to the nature of underlying grounds or long-term behavior anticipation.

Terre Armée’s geogrid engineered solutions are an excellent fit to quickly build durable and economical road and rail infrastructure, whether permanent or temporary.

Developing infrastructure over soft-soils

The construction or upgrade of transport infrastructure such as roads and rail tracks may involve dealing with poor soils. Low bearing capacity implies many questions and concerns that can be linked to short-term operations or long-term behavior of the infrastructure.

Developments sometimes imply working in remote areas such as mines, raw soft grounds or mountainous areas. Accessing such sites can be challenging especially when heavy equipments are involved, and back and forth heavy truck movements necessary eventually causing deformations to the track and making it difficultly practicable.

Whether developing temporary access roads or permanent infrastructure, Terre Armee’s teams can work with you to develop geogrid solutions that will help you access your sites safely and optimize your operations.

Value engineered approach for permanent infrastructure

Our engineers have gained extensive experience in developing roads and motorways, railways and access roads using geogrids. Our optimized engineered solutions provide many benefits and allow for the formation of a composite layer due to the interocking of aggregates in the apperture of the geogrid.

The composite layer allows for the construction of flexible and resilient infrastructure, and for differential settlement control avoiding disruptive failures. The dissipation of forces into the layer significantly reduces deformations and rutting in the long-run allowing for the preservation roads practicability and rail track geometries when used for ballast and sub-ballast reinforcement.


>Cost savings

The use of geogrids provides many benefits. The inherent properties of the solution allow for the reduction of excavations and necessary aggregates to be used to reach equivalent performance to traditional solutions.

>Time savings

The geogrids are easy and quick to install, helping you to save time on site.

>Reduced carbon footprint

Less excavations and necessary aggregates means less carbon emissions, helping you to reduce the environmental impact of your project.

>Reduced maintenance

Geogrids allow for the reduction of deformations over the long, reducing necessary maintenance and related costs.

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ArmaGrid® BX

ArmaGrid® BX

ArmaGrid® BX (PET and PP) is high strength and low strain biaxial knitted geogrid manufactured with high tenacity polyester yarns.



ArmaLynk® is a high capacity geogrid that can be used for various basal reinforcement and ground stabilization applications.



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